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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning allows home cooling by eliminating excess heat. This heat is absorbed by refrigerant coolant (like in kitchen refrigerators) that cycles in an internal unit thanks to a compressor. The fluid releases the heats outside and the cycle continues.

Temperature is regulated and pollutants like dusts and microbial germs are suppressed through the use of filters (optional). Evaporation of refrigerant fluid occurs with heat absorption when condensation is produced from the heat.

Professional Experience

New construction

Whether working from engineering drawings or delivering a complete solution, Nexus Heating & Cooling is ready to provide a full range of services.


Successful renovations often require custom solutions. We also accommodate projects requiring emergency work or after hours.


Nexus Heating & Cooling provides preventative maintenance, diagnostic and analytic services using the latest technologies in the market.

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In case of an emergency outside of regular business hours we provide a fast response 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have technicians available 24/7. If you require emergency electrical assistance pick up the phone and call us right now!